The Berryhill Team | Testimonials

A few reviews from Amy & Jadyn’s clients…

“Amy and Jayden are amazing agents! This is the second time we’ve worked with them to buy a house and now sell our current home. They listened to our needs and facilitated a compromise between me and my husband who were not on the same page. They are a great team! Very professional, educated to about the market, responsive to questions, follow up in a timely manner and pay attention to details. Of all the agents we’ve worked with over the years they are by far the best agents we’ve ever worked with!!! We highly recommend them!” 
– Gretchen & Bruce Young

“Jadyn and Amy made our first-time home buying experience so much easier than we ever could have imagined. They were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable throughout the whole process and were an absolute pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend them to anyone!” 
– Laura Foley

“Amy and Jadyn were informative, open, and honest throughout the entire process. They presented us with great resources as we prepared to put our place on the market.”   
Tisha Purdy

“Jadyn and Amy were incredibly helpful, supportive, and professional through their time helping Chloe and I become homeowners and we couldn’t possibly pick anyone else to replace them.” 
– Kody Thomas,

“Amy & Jadyn absolutely went above & beyond our expectations in helping us buy our forever home!  They gave honest opinions & feedback and were always willing & able to do what we asked!  We highly recommend them!  We loved their teamwork!”
–  Jeff & Rachelle Guiremand 

“Amy and Jadyn were nothing but professional and exceeded expectations whenever stated, as well as being friendly and invested in more than just a sale.”
– Philip Cutler

“I’ve already recommended to my brother and Amy Berryhill sold his property.  I will use Amy and Jadyn again when I’m ready to sell my other rental.  They were an awesome team. “
– Angela Dunne

“Wonderful experience. Would recommend them both to anyone looking for a house in the Boise area.”
– Sarah Myers

“Amy and Jadyn are amazing!”
– Sean Myers

“Excellent! Amy and Jadyn are on top of the ball and keep you up to date as necessary and don’t bog you down with the unnecessaries. Amy & Jadyn, we’re grateful we lucked out using them.”
– Steve & Unsuk Krag

“Best decision we made was to work with Amy & Jadyn – they were incredible!” 
Joe Kaufman

“Extremely knowledgeable, professional and committed!” 
– Suzie Hall

“Amy is simply THE BEST!  Mark and I cannot find enough good things to say about her.  And it was a total joy to have Jadyn join the team.  I wish them both nothing but the very best.  My husband and I have now undertaken 4 sales and 2 purchases with Amy Berryhill and Ralston Group Properties.  While each transaction had its own peculiarities and drama we felt nothing but confident and safe throughout.  Ralston Group exudes decency and effective competence whilst all the while living into the values they state. It has been a joy working with them and I can’t imagine having been able to build and manage our rental portfolio without them.  Having Amy Berryhill (and now Jadyn Berryhill) as our agents (for both listing and buying) has made every step of the way enjoyable.  I am constantly amazed by how many details Amy can hold in her head without ever missing a deadline or deliverable.  And – because she knows the business as well as this community, she has pulled rabbits out of hats for us with each encounter.  A house or window cleaner for a last-minute job; a repair squeezed in; a helpful introduction.  I can’t recommend Amy and Ralston Group highly enough.” 
– Gemma Utting

“Whenever in the future we would buy or sell property in the greater Boise area, we would only consider Berryhill and Ralston Group.”  
– Mark Utting

“Amy Berryhill is detailed, knowledgeable, dedicated and always has your best interest in mind.  She always makes you feel like you’re her #1 client and is available to answer questions all of the time.  I would absolutely use her again and will tell all my friends and family to do the same.”  
– Erika Prosser

“Amy has all the qualities of a professional realtor.  She is very good at listening to the sellers needs and communicates well, service and a personal touch are important to the Ralston Group.”  
– Sharon Rieb

“Wish I had more money to do more transactions with Amy!  She takes care of every minute detail.  I honestly mean everything and is so helpful in the after-care as well!  Sat through signing, gave some great suggestions of local subs, thought of everything so I had to stress about nothing!!   Working with Amy is like going into the Disneyland store on Anaheim property!  She makes everything so much fun, is so professional and knows every nuance of her business & job so well, it’s makes you happy to spend your money with her!!!!“ 
– Molly Hutzler

“Exemplary. Trust is earned through past performance and applied to each new opportunity that presents itself in an ever changing market. Amy is an excellent communicator, led a great team for staging & photography , and contractually stellar. Any person would be fortunate to work with Amy and the team at Ralston Group in this “hot market” or any geographic region that they chose to become experts to represent.” 
– David Cutbirth

“Amy was beyond excellent in every possible way. The only (odd) downside is that because we also worked with someone else in Blaine country, our expectations for this person had been elevated. And while that agent was totally fine in any “Pre-Amy Berryhill” reality, she fell short in every way, but in small ways. It was this contrast of someone who is otherwise a good agent with our constant refrain in those interactions of “Oh, this is not how Amy would have done it / treated us” that has so reinforced our deepest appreciation for her thoroughness, steady hand, humor, and all over kind professionalism. Before you make a decision to work with a professional to either buy or sell property, do yourself a favor. Ask to have coffee with Alicia and Amy!” 
– Gemma Utting

“My experience with Amy Berryhill was fabulous, she was patience and took the time to show me houses that fit my personality. Throughout my search we looked at many houses but decided to build on a great lot in SE Boise. Amy guided me through the process seamlessly. I would recommend them to anyone looking to take the stress out of home buying; we had fun, but most importantly became friends.”
– Moya Shatz 

“My husband and I were so excited to start the process of buying our first home. We knew that Amy Berryhill would represent us. When I first called Amy to let her know we were interested in buying she immediately began the search for us. We knew which home we wanted to look at because it was just a few doors down the street from where I lived. It was love at first site for us. We knew that was the house we wanted. Amy did not waste anytime. She had a contract written up and immediately started the process. A few obstacles prolonged the process of buying our house so we started looking at more homes just in case. Amy quickly got about twelve listing together and picked us up to start the hunt. As my husband quotes “she brought my favorite drinks and snacks for the road!” This day was fun filled but we didn’t see any houses we were willing to make an offer on. Amy worked so hard to get us into the original home we wanted to buy and in July 2009 we were proud new homeowners! For your next real estate investment contact Amy Berryhill!”
– Amy & Kyle Stringer 

“A friend of a friend heard we were moving to Boise and recommended we contact Amy Berryhill who had been so helpful when she purchased her home. Our plan was to rent for six months to get to know the area, and then to buy a house. Before we even arrived in Boise Amy sent us a list of things to do and places to see when we got here! We met with her just days after arriving and discussed the parameters of what we might be looking for in a home, and the merits of various areas in town for renting and potentially buying. Being a native of Boise we were confident in the advice that Amy gave us and impressed with the depth of her knowledge of the area. The day we intended to sign a six-month rental agreement for an apartment, Amy sent us some house listings just to get an idea of what was available on the market. By the end of the day we knew we had found the perfect house for us to buy and decided to proceed with the purchase! Before moving to Boise from Santa Fe, several couples told us that when they made their purchase, they looked at some 70 homes with their agent before doing so. Not us! Amy was able to identify a handful of homes that closely met our expectations and were located in the area we desired to live.”  
– Suzanne Troje 

“I remember from the first time we talked, all the worries of the pressure you get from making a big purchase like this were gone. This was my first home buying experience and won’t by my last. I had done what I thought was market research but shortly realized from the knowledge that Amy had presented, I was far from where I needed to be. She taught me things I should look for in a home, a neighborhood, and in the community. Once I was ready to make a offer on a place, Amy walked me through the negotiation process. She had explained what to expect and how to work with different offers.”
– Nicolas Hawkins

“I highly recommend Amy Berryhill to anyone looking to buy or sell a home! She was the ultimate professional in both transactions for me – very experienced, intuitive, seasoned and balanced. I appreciated her communication skills and ability to make things happen quickly when needed. A true joy to work with! “
– Suzie Hall

“Amy is the most amazing and hard-working real estate agent in the world. Well maybe that’s not true since I don’t know all the Agents of the world, but it probably is. I have been telling everyone about Amy and Ralston Group. And it’s not just because of the family by us it’s because of the incredible service provided.” 
– Mark Utting

“Amy was terrific. I can’t think that our transaction would have gone as smoothly with any other agent. She let us know what to expect first hand, she was super responsive to every inquiry and she had great contacts for fixing, cleaning, maintenance, staging – everything! She was exactly the experienced, professional, personable, trustworthy, top-notch realtor my husband and I were looking for.“ 
– Brian and Linda Shirley

“Amy was a treat to work with, she kept us informed and heard our opinions!”
– Paula O’Meara

“Amy was fantastic!  We have done many real estate transactions over the years and Amy was by far the best agent we’ve ever worked with!  She was responsive, professional, knowledgeable and went beyond our expectations!  We would highly recommend Amy as an agent to anyone we know looking to buy a or sell a home in the Treasure Valley!  She’s the best!” 
– Gretchen & Bruce Young

“We’ve known Amy for many years.  And she patiently and effectively represented our property while we were out of country.  And then, at the time we sold, Amy was great and put us in the best possible position.  Highest kudos to Amy. Would use her again, and recommend her in a second! “ 
– Terry & Jane Baird

“Amy is wonderful to work with and goes an amazing job!”
– Terry Sower